Banknote paper is a complex product. It is the foundation of the banknote as it carries embedded (watermarks, security threads), applied (holographic foil, iridescent stripes) and printed (intaglio, offset, OVI) security features. In addition to the demand for security, banknote paper must also meet durability criteria. It must be resistant to wear and tear to stay in circulation for as long as possible.

We have produced banknote paper for more than 140 countries. We put our long experience and unique know-how in banknote paper production at the disposal of central banks and high security printers. Our paper mill in Crèvecoeur (France) has built over the years extensive experience in addressing the most challenging paper requirements. We are fully committed to excellence and strive to maintain a high level of quality right from cotton selection through delivery of finished banknote paper to the customers’ premises.

Our solutions include:

Hybrid™ Banknote Substrate

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Hybrid brings the advantages of paper banknotes and polymer banknotes together in an innovative combination of protective polyester film around a cotton fiber core.

Synthec® Durable Paper

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Synthec is the enhanced durable banknote substrate for improved quality throughout the banknote’s lifetime.

LongLife™ Durable Paper

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LongLife is the durable banknote substrate for improved quality lifetime.

Cotton Banknote Paper

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Cotton paper has been in use for hundreds of years and continues to be the basis for all the world’s major currencies.