Hybrid™ banknote substrate – touch and feel the future of currency

Hybrid brings the advantages of paper banknotes and polymer banknotes together in an innovative combination of protective polyester film around a cotton fiber core. Already proven in circulation on four continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe), Hybrid banknotes combine security with durability and ensure public acceptance.

Hybrid’s core can be exclusively customized with embedded watermarks, security threads, and machine-readable elements to ensure the banknote substrate is secure against counterfeiting. Due to its polyester film, Hybrid banknotes are durable, remaining clean and stiff even in extreme circulation conditions. Printing on Hybrid enables exploitation of the full potential of security features and intaglio printing to provide the trusted touch and feel of banknotes.

Hybrid Banknote

The subtle yet effective security feature in combination with Hybrid™

Combined with Hybrid, Filigram offers new opportunities to create attractive designs in the fight against counterfeiting. The security feature is embedded in the cotton paper by means of laser perforation. Against a light background under incidental light, it is hardly detectable; under transmitted light or against a dark background, however, it is quite clear to see. By using state-of-the-art laser technology, a customer’s individual designs or numbers can be incorporated and reflected in watermarks, security threads and/or the note in its physical form.

Louisenthal employs this feature exclusively in the specially durable Hybrid™ substrate. The two film surfaces protect the cotton core, stabilizing and protecting the perforated Filigram element. The films also prevent printing ink or dirt from collecting in the perforations and reducing visibility. The feature, therefore, remains prominent while the note remains in circulation.